433 E MAIN ST, WRIGHTSTOWN, NJ, 08562-2312 
Chinese Food

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Chinese Food

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Reviewed by: kgrimes64 on: 2018/11/3 19:37:00
Best in Wrightstown...
Reviewed by: mmpolo7593 on: 2018/8/13 5:49:38
This usually is my go to place for Chinese food in this area and am generally pretty happy with them, however, I am pretty disappointed with my treatment last night. I placed an order for delivery for 8:15 knowing nobody would be home until then, myself not until later. However, the food was delivered at 7:30. The driver called me and told me she was going to leave it on my porch (food and tip already paid).... I told her no that wasn’t acceptable and she proceeded to tell me she was going to leave it on the porch then she had to go and hung up. I called the manager and told him and he made her bring the food back with her. She redelivered “the same” (this point very cold) food back to my house at 8:40. On top of the whole mess they left out a whole meal I paid for. They did redeliver that and at least one of us got a hot meal. I understand mistakes happen but I paid $45 for a cold dinner. My food should have been remade or I should have been refunded.
Reviewed by: operatorde on: 2018/8/12 14:43:26
just called for the first time , child answers hello? so i say hello, and they answer "yes what do you want"? i say " Is this BoBos? the say YES.kind if loud ,like I should kmow! I ask< " Are you a child? YES i get again. ahhhh never mind!! not ordering from there.
Reviewed by: mudplugz on: 2015-09-22
decent food, fast service, parking lot is a sheet hole
Reviewed by: roscoedacoon on: 2014-08-29
Best Chinese food in the area. Have never had a bad dish from here. Best to order take out as the dining area is very small. Fast, courteous service, great food and generous portions
Reviewed by: Melissanelson7477 on: 2014-04-11
Best Chinese in the area for sure. Love their crab rangoon and egg rolls.
Reviewed by: Bessy O. on: 6/15/2013 2:35:25 AM
The food is okay but the establishment is very small so it's better to order to-go.
Reviewed by: mcr0830 on: 2012-11-15
We order regulary from Golden Bo Bo, Wrightstown, NJ and are always happy with food & service. However, this time we were charged for the 2 egg rolls that we had a coupon for and should have been free, last time the charge was removed prior to our credit card being charged. Hoping this will not be an ongoing thing.Thank you.